Our Purpose


M.I.T Security Solutions is a registered member of the security industry regulatory authority with all certificates and necessary accreditations. Located in Pietermaritzburg, the business provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of safety and security solution available.  M.I.T offers a full range of security solution from security guards, armed response; alarm monitoring, CCTV, access control, security audits, and referrals to equipment providers to commercial buildings and retail businesses.


M.IT security is obligated to its customers, employees, competitors, suppliers and communities in delivering innovation and industry leading products and services. We are able to successfully provide an honest and reliable service by applying a broad range of Ethical Codes to guide our business decisions and maintain a calibre of professionals to guide our employees on ethical business practices as well as educating of employees on these expectations.



M.I.T is committed to providing a work place that is fair, safe and rewarding to it employees. Protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, our customers and environment is a core within M.I.T security. We will not be satisfied until our work place and products are safe, employees and customers are injury free. With increasing fears of criminal activity, we are committed to ensuring that our staff are equipped and trained to provide our customers with an unswerving commitment to product and service excellence. All our staff members are trained and carry the necessary qualifications as well as firearm competency and will be required to attend quarterly refresher training.


Our Mission


M.I.T Security will provide peace of mind to our clients by providing a range of security services tailor made to satisfy their specific needs. This can only be achieved through in-depth training of staff, service delivery, innovation, quality, integrity and ethics as this is clearly the key differentiation factor that will set us apart from other local competitors.


We believe that the foundation of our business relationships with our customers and suppliers will be strengthened through continuous improvement across all departments making us the choice service providers for corporation, financial institutions, educational facilities and residential customers.





M.I.T Security will base its success on meeting the following objectives:

Provide high quality products and services

Providing employment and a support system that combats crime in the areas we operate and live in.

    To comply with legal and regulatory requirements and establishing an environment that is safe and conducive for our staff and customers.



Our Services



At the heart of M.I.T is a high tech control room that monitors intruder alarms and CCTV systems utilising advance signalling technologies to ensure a quick and effective response from our emergency response officers. Our control centre will be on hand to notify clients and key holders and initiate a response service 24 hours a day; 365 days a year whilst supporting our fleet and ensuring constant communication with the response officers.




In an emergency, you can be sure that should the need arise for our assistance M.I.T’s highest calibre and quality trained Armed response officers will be there offering an effective and efficient service.


Armed Response services entails: - officers responding to any emergency situations including house break-ins, armed robberies, duress alarm activations, medical, fire and panic alarms. Our service includes a rendezvous service to accompany residents safely to their front door, special attention calls for those alone at home, house visits and we do patrols during family holidays.




M.I.T Security provides comprehensive guarding services to the corporate, commercial and industrial sectors. With guards recruited and trained to M.I.T industry leading standards, M.I.T is well equipped to provide a first class guarding solution.

M.I.T provides professional and quality corporate guarding services, protecting property, inventory and employees.

  Our guarding services are designed for all types of businesses. Guarding solutions have continuous 24-hour Armed Response back-up and comprehensive infrastructure.



Our Competitive Edge


M.I.T Security will build a competitive edge through high levels of customer service and assurance. The company will strive to be a partner in the protection of client’s assets and utilising the monitoring and armed response facility as well as security guards as a major tool in providing a professional protection service. This strategy will require M.I.T to carefully audit a client’s security situation and to work with them on plans to upgrade and maintain that security. We will continually check in with clients and with the guards sent to client sites to learn about the challenges they are facing and take steps to improve the challenges faced together with our clients.



     575 Chota Motala Road

Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg




Office: 033 817 1111/0

Cellphone: 079 751 9237


Email: info@mitsecurity.co.za